How familiar are you with the concept of STROKING and thrusting patterns?

How would you describe your current fitness level?

Which of the following multimedia packages would you like?

Choose as many as you like. Each will be sent directly following your complimentary Consultation.

Please select a day for your consultation

Please select a time for your complimentary consultation, please be sure to mark your time zone as well as (am) or (pm)

Please enter a reliable phone number for our consultants to contact you via text or phone call.

Consultants will contact you first, via text for confirmation that you truley desired a consultation, as well as confirmation of desired date and time. Which will then be followed by a phone call at the specified date. If the consultation needs to be rescheduled please be open for a new availability. Please keep in mind all consultations last a minimum of a half hour to a maximum of an hour

Thank you. 

(If you are outside the U.S.A.  please be available for contact via "Skype" [preferred]  or "Whatsapp".  )
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